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A Founders Journey.

I hated Maths in school.

It was like another language. It was alien to me and I always had the “dread” of the looming Friday test. I never knew how I was doing in the class. I often felt let down by the quality of teachers in school.

So, I decided to fix it.

Breakthrough Maths is Ireland’s first Online Maths School. We closely follow the curriculum plans for primary school, Junior Cycle/Junior Cert, and Leaving Certificate as set out by the Department of Education to deliver high-quality online tutoring in mathematics to students in Third Class up as far as Leaving Cert.

We teach over 1,500 students every week, each in small, personalised, grinds style classes. Our students range from top-performing students to children who may struggle with a learning difficulty. We welcome students of all backgrounds and want to help every single one who struggles with maths.

Our teachers are not only extremely well qualified, but also young and enthusiastic. They bring their classes to life and make distance learning and problem-solving enjoyable and engaging. But more importantly, they listen to students. They make sure each student leaves the lesson feeling assured and ready to progress. We build confidence in maths.

We’ve huge plans to develop automatic testing technology and incorporate it into our lessons. Online learning is the way of the future, but we’re working to find ways that will combine the best of the in-person experience so that students can reach their full potential.

We want to expand internationally. We want to change the way education and educational assessment is done all over the world. We want to help every child break through maths.

TJ Hegarty, Founder of Breakthrough Maths

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