TJ and Carmel

Maths anxiety ends here.

Here’s what you will feel like:

Meet Fionn

The Inspiration for What we do

Fionn Has autism. 

It’s a diagnosis, not a label.

Our student, listen to his story below:

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Success Stories

Ruth Dillon

Ruth fits her Maths grinds around her busy GAA schedule. She is a high achiever on and off the pitch!

Carmel Linehan

Carmel’s daughter Gracie was a student of ours for over 3 years. She has overcome the learning difficulties of dyspraxia and dyslexia to achieve a place in nursing in University.

Lydia Byrne

Lydia found the journey from 6th class into 1st year challenging. Through the help of our Maths Grinds, Lydia has excelled in school and found confidence in her Maths ability.

Colm Murphy

Colm went from achieving 380 points in his mock exams to achieving over 580 in the Leaving Cert. Hear how he used the support of our Maths Grinds to build his exam skills.

TJ and Lydia student and Susanne mum
TJ and Fionn and Elaine mum

"Huge Turnaround"

I can’t believe the turnaround. He’s teaching his younger sister Maths now. He would not look at a Maths book 4 months ago – thank you!

Michelle O’Rourke


"A Pep in her step"

There was a dread that set in each night before school. Now, there is a pep in her step – today, she voluntarily told the whole class how to do a Fractions question.

Annette Sullivan


"Can't Praise enough"

From mid- 40’s at Christmas to 78% in the summer test –  We can’t praise you enough

Carmel Ryan


"He Now Loves Maths!"

He’s a different boy. He actually ENJOYS maths lessons now, all because of you guys. All the arguments have stopped – he is self-motivated now!

Claire Dilworth

Anna and Ava