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Maths Lessons delivered online

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We operate via Zoom.
Last year, an average student saved 45 hours in travelling.


Small groups of matched ability

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Small student groups, carefully matched by maths ability, led by a qualified tutor


"SupportSapp" Service

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Pupils have access to a dedicated WhatsApp number to support them outside of our grinds. Simply send a pic, of whatever you are struggling on. We will reply with a video on how to do it. That’s support!


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Book A FREE LESSON on our website

Receive a Zoom invite via email

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Log into your  FREE trial Zoom class

Enjoy a 1 hour lesson in your small group
All you need is a copy, pen and a phone (Used for Kahoot! Quiz)

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Day 1 of 5 Done!

We will contact the parent, via WhatsApp, with a payment link to continue for the next 4 days of the course

It’s €199 for the course

We will WhatsApp the payment details to the parent on Monday evening.

How much does it cost?

Day 1 is free for students to try.

600 Point Tutors +


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