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Step 1 Pops up

100% Online classes

We operate on a fully remote basis. Students from all across the country can tune in right from home at their own convenience.

We will send out links to join our classes via WhatsApp and e-mail to all students. 

Step 3 Tracks answers

Results are tracked

We teach through testing. It’s about less lecturing and more practising Maths questions. We can see, in real time, if a student is struggling in class.

We can then make changes for that student and make sure they get the most from the lesson.

IPad student mixed ability

Similar Ability Groups

Our classes are designed to allow students to feel confident and comfortable in their learning. To achieve this, we sort our classes into groups of students with similar abilities – no one left behind. 

Additionally, this helps us keep classes small and more personal. Maximising student teacher feedback and assistance. 

SupportsApp Iphone

SupportsApp Service

Pupils have access to a dedicated WhatsApp number to support them outside of our grinds. Simply send a picture of whatever you are struggling on.

We will reply as quickly as possible with a personalised video tutorial on how to do it.

Now that’s support!

Watch a Demo Class

Check out how it actually works for your child. We have built our own learning platform.

Watch our 1-min-long demo class.

How to sign-up:

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Book your free grind

Receive a class invite via email.

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Log into your free grind

Enjoy our free 1 hour lesson in your small group.
All you need is a copy & pen.

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Want to Continue Weekly grinds?

Our plan is to teach your child up until the end of May. We have a set curriculum in place to ensure they reach their full mathematical potential.

We will contact the parent directly after the free grind. Parents pay €38 per week for our grinds. 

Weekly Grinds

➡️ Try A Free Trial Grind first.

➡️  €149 a month if you would like to continue after trial grind.

Each Month You’ll Receive:

✅ 4 Online Classes 

✅ A 625 Point Tutor (Our tutors received top marks)

✅  24/7 On-Demand Support 

✅  The Class Notes 

✅  The Recorded Lessons 

Book A Free Trial Grind

€149 a month to continue after trial.