What Our Primary School Grinds Cover:

The goal of the 5th class course is to build on basic Math fundamentals and restore a students confidnce. We ensure students fix any mistakes or gaps in knowledge from their primary school Maths to date. We get the basics of Maths instilled into our students and we make it enjoyable.  In this course we teach:

  • Place Value
  • Adding, Subtracting
  • Multiplying. Dividing
  • Fractions
  • Working with Fractions
  • Word problems.


Our 6th Class course is the perfect bridge that students need into secondary school. We teach all the key topics students need for their Christmas, Summer and entrance exams.  The course is designed to make students comfortable with numbers and problem solving. The topics we teach include:

  • Fractions
  • Percentages
  • Word Problems
  • Decimals
  • Long Division
  • Currency
  • Shapes


Meet Your Maths Tutors:

Conor O’Donoghue

Conor is 1st Class Economics and Finance graduate from UCD. He achieved a H1 in Maths and his love for Maths stemmed from his mother – also a Maths teacher. A proud Kerry man, Conor has travelled extensively  – building schools in Nicaragua to surfing the coasts of Spain and Portugal.

Conor loves our personal approach to teaching. Teachers should be inspirational – they should  encourage you whenever you have a problem. Conor is a born leader and gifted at listening to students.

Conor’s student-led approach will help you to BreakThrough Maths.


Patrick is a 1st Class Honours graduate in Actuarial & Financial Studies from UCD. Patrick has always excelled at Maths and loves the challenge of Maths. He has tutored students at all levels in Maths.

Patrick is a former Westmeath footballer and brings a team approach into his lessons. He has a warm and encouraging style to teaching and believes every student has the potential to achieve in Maths. He has taught for over 4 years with Breakthrough Maths.

Patrick’s Engaging And Enjoyable Lessons Will Help You To Break Through Maths.

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 *€38 per week thereafter. Pays for: 1 Grind + 24/7 Support + Worksheets

All You Need To Know About Our Primary School Grinds:

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Achieve your Best Drumcondra Results:

  1. Students are grouped according to their ability
  2. Small, personalized classes
  3. Notes and a 15-minute worksheet each week
  4. 24/7 after grinds support service – we answer any questions you have outside of our grinds

Why People choose Us


“I did six weeks of tutorials and found them brilliant. Great online setup and friendly patient tutors gave me so much more confidence in her maths - Ruth”
“I started these online maths grinds in December of my Leaving Cert year, I was struggling with higher-level maths. The expert tutors helped me to no end"- Colm
“Really great service, small size weekly classes with helpful notes + assignments, as well as an help line where students can contact if we get stuck"- Regina

No More anxiety, Our Grinds Make Maths Easy:


Easy to learn – It’s 1 hour of Maths a week, all from the comfort of your home. Don’t waste time in traffic or organizing spins from your parents, we make this easy for you!


Most Important Topics – The course is broken into the most importantn topics needed by our students. The course is designed by primary school teachers with Drumcondra tests in mind.  It’s the perfect catch-up!


Comprehensive Notes – We’ve designed notes, based on previous exam questions, for all our students on this course. They are concise, clear and perfect for studying.

Primary School Tutors you can trust ✅

  • All our tutors have 2+ years of tutoring experience
  • Mathematicians, engineers, 625 point achievers – our tutoring team is diverse and energetic!
  • Classes are live, engaging and will challenge you

Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 65 reviews on Google Reviews


"More Confidence"

“I joined the grinds in September 2021. I enjoyed the pace of the class and I liked how we broke down questions as a group. My 2nd year summer test was so much easier and I have much more confidence in my Maths ability”

Ruth Dillon


"Easy to Talk to"

“I failed my Mock exams in March 2021. I joined the grinds and I really benefitted from it. The tutors made complex questions easier to understand. The tutors were easy to talk to and I liked how the small groups worked. I ended up passing my Junior Cert and I continue to do Grinds with Breakthrough Maths”

Claire Fahy


"Simple To Use"

“Really great service, comprehensive small size weekly classes with helpful notes and assignments, as well as an assistance line where students can contact if they get stuck. Simple to use”

Regina Herley

Still Have Questions?

What’s the benefit of your Grinds?

Our Maths Grinds will make Maths so much easier for you to understand. Our live and engaging classes will have you answering questions and progressing through exam papers. You will see Maths in a new light with the guidance each week of our expert Maths tutors. You will save time and stress, by doing the grinds from the comfort of home. And if you miss a grind, we will send you a recording of the lesson. This is the boost you need to do well in your Maths exams.

How much do the grinds cost?

Your first grind is completely free to try. It is €38 per week thereafter if students would like to continue with our grinds.

How many students are in the class?

The class sizes will be limited in size. This ensures each student is asking questions and getting engaged in the class. 

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