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Welcome to the construction zone!
One of the tricky elements of geometry is the “construction” – a task whereby students must use their tools to construct up to 22 geometric shapes and figures using mathematical principles and tools. These tools used are the following:

 – Usual essentials: Pencil, Rubber, Ruler, Sharpener etc.
 – Compass: Used for drawing circles and arcs.
 – Protractor: Used for measuring and drawing angles.
 – Set Square / “Triangle” : Typically 45-degree and 60-degree triangles used for drawing perpendicular lines.

Here’s how to complete all 22 of the construction tasks, step by step. Swipe the slider along the bottom to follow along!


Basic Constructions

If you’re starting from scratch or having trouble with more advanced constructions, this is the place to start.

Line Segment Constructions

Angle Constructions

Triangle Constructions

Rectangle / Parallelogram Constructions

Circle Constructions

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