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Parent FAQs

Upon registration, students receive a Zoom link that they use to join their grind, where our tutors use software that allows them to draw on a virtual whiteboard, just like the classroom! 

Our tutors also run highly interactive classes so everyone is attentive and engaged. They provide questions and students submit their answers privately for review.

We provide students with notes, worksheets, recordings, and support virtually also. 

See our “How Classes Work page” for more info

Our tutors closely follow the curricula developed by the Department of Education in order to deliver grinds that will benefit children in Primary and Secondary schools across the country.

They do practice exam questions from past Leaving Cert and Junior Cycle papers to make sure students are fully prepared.

Our grinds are currently conducted in small groups of 7-8 students to help students learn at a pace that best suits them. We have classes for all ages, levels and abilities so that every child can get the most out of them!

We only teach through English. It’s not the perfect fit for our Gaeilscoileanna students. However, Maths is Maths. It’s all about practice. It’s all about consistency.

We’ve had plenty of students from Gaeilscoileanna progress with our Maths grinds. Please note – in the Maths exam itself, students will receive both the Irish exam and the same exam in English. 

For the standard, weekly grinds during the academic year, the cost is €149.00 per month. This is after the Free Trial we give all our new customers, and includes notes, worksheets, recordings, and 24/7 support.

For our Easter Course, Exam Crash Course, and Summer Course, the price may vary. Please consult our Pricing page for more information.

Maths Grinds is a very colloquial way of saying private tuition in mathematics, or in other words, extra support for students in maths outside school hours.

Student FAQs

This is such a common initial worry. From experience, it takes time to get into the online lessons. The initial lesson can fell a bit awkward to get used to. Students may have a hang-up from COVID-19 when online classes ran so badly. Keeping students engaged is the key. We’ve taught thousands of students online over the last 3 years. We know what makes a great class. It’s about the teacher. It’s about small classes. It’s about the buzz and it’s about making Maths fun.

Yes, they will be able to see each other. For some students, this is awkward at the start. However, because we keep it consistent (Same teacher, same class, same students each week) this “awkwardness” fades away. And our teachers are warm and friendly and well-used to helping students participate in the class.

No need to fear. Besides their Maths ability, our tutors are picked on their friendliness, warmth, and engagement. They are well versed on taking nervous students into classes. We take it step by step with students. We never put students on the spot.

 It’s preferable to put cameras on but we don’t force it. The tutor will ask all students at the start of the class to put their cameras on. However, if you would rather not put the camera on or if it’s not working, the student can just leave it off.

We track results in our classes! Every single week, about 5 minutes after class, we will text you the child’s result in the class”


Plan includes:

✅ 1 online class a week

✅ On-demand support (We answer questions outside of grinds)

✅  Weekly worksheet (Summary of learnings)

✅ Weekly feedback text (Students progress)

Book Trial Class

€149/month after free trial