Frequently Asked Questions

How do i contact breakthrough maths?

Email us: or WhatsApp us. We have a team working from 9am -9pm, 7 days a week.

How does the breakthrough maths system work?

Our campus offers students their own platform, so what they see will be tailored to them. We’ll be with them every step of the way through our Live Classes, Worksheets and Tutorials, all accessible in the one place.
The student account is created before the first lesson, and this is where the student goes to every week.

What is included with our grinds?

Our system includes a 1-hour class, notes for the week & access to SupportSapp, our dedicated service to help students with any specific Maths problems they encounter.
Our online campus offers Live Classes and Testing—we bring the human energy and passion to our classes, but we track every single child’s results. No child is ever left behind in our classes.

What is the cost of each class?

We do not offer a pay-per-class model. The first class is free to try. It costs €149 a month thereafter. That works out at a cost of €38/grind. Students receive a live class each week. Payment is taken via direct Debit each month. Parents can cancel at any time and receive a full refund for classes paid in advance.

What size are the classes?

We keep our classes small and we group students by ability for seamless learning. Any students struggling in our classes are identified by our testing system and we swap them to a better suited class to accomodate their learning needs.

Are the classes in person?

No, they are always online.

What topics do you cover in class?

A specific curriculum is made out for each class/year. We always start with Algebra for our secondary school students, as this is their biggest challenge. We focus on problem-solving and the basics of numbers for our Primary school students.

Our curriculum is made by qualified primary and secondary school teachers and state examiners.

How long are the classes?

Our classes are 50 minutes long. 

Do you do 1-1 grinds?

No, we do not offer 1-1 grinds.  However, our  “SupportSapp” system is designed so that we can help you 1 -1 where needed. This is a service where students send images of questions or tests they struggle with. We review all queries each day and send back the solution in a video format. We are there for you when needed!

Do i need to download zoom?

It is not a requirement, we use our platform. The link to the platform is sent to you on signup.

How do i use supportSapp?

Click this link to upload your question and we will respond to you in 24 hours.

Are there any book or exam paper requirements?

No. All you need is a copy and a pen.

Weekly Grinds
Key Information:

➡️ Try A Free Trial Grind

➡️  €149 a month if we would like to continue after trial grind.

Each Week You Receive:

✅ 1 Online Class 

✅ A 625 Point Tutor (Our tutors received top marks)

✅  24/7 On-Demand Support

✅  A Homework Sheet

✅  The Class Notes

✅  The Recorded Lesson

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