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This is a better way of learning Maths.

Classes are 1 hour a week. It’s all online. It’s with a young, engaging teacher.


Limerick Results {2022}

We taught:



Grade Increased by:

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on average.

But most of all,

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of our students reported increased confidence.


"the lads found zoom Grinds so handy"

Mary Flynn (Abbeyfeale, Limerick)


"I was nervous, but the class was so engaging!"

Anne McCarthy (Limerick City, Co. Limerick)

➡️ Try A Free Trial Grind first.

➡️  €149 a month if you would like to continue after trial grind.

Each Month You’ll Receive:

✅ 4 Online Classes 

✅ A 625 Point Tutor (Our tutors received top marks)

✅  24/7 On-Demand Support 

✅  The Class Notes 

✅  The Recorded Lessons 

€149 a month to continue after trial. Classes begin Sept 4th!

Limerick Student Reviews


"Confidence Building "

“I went to Breakthrough Maths for Leaving Cert Maths Grinds. I really enjoyed the weekly classes, I always felt so well prepared for my exams throughout the year. It was also great to be able to track my progress , I could feel my confidence in my ability  growing on a weekly basis”

Emma Boyle- Limerick City



“Living in a remote area in Limerick, I always found it hard to find a reliable maths grinds in Adare. Breakthrough Maths was ideal for me, I saved so much time not having to drive to maths grinds in the City. The tutors were top-quality and you could tell they were invested in making the lessons fun & engaging for every student”

Sean O’Brien- Adare


"Simple To Use"

Really great service, comprehensive small size weekly classes with helpful notes and assignments, as well as an assistance line where students can contact if they get stuck. Simple to use”

Regina Hurley – Abbeyfeale

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"been a game changer"

I can’t believe the turnaround. He’s teaching his younger sister Maths now. He would not look at a Maths book 4 months ago, Breakthrough Maths has been a game changer– thank you! 

–  John O’Rourke (Limerick City, Co. Limerick)


"A Pep in her step"

There was a dread that set in each night before school. Now, there is a pep in her step – today, she voluntarily told the whole class how to do a Fractions question. 

–  Annette Sullivan (Adare, Co. Limerick)

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"Can't Praise enough"

From mid- 40’s at Christmas to 78% in the summer test, the turnaround has been unreal.   We can’t praise you enough for all the help.  

Carmel Ryan (Newcastle West, Co. Limerick)


"She Now Loves Maths!"

She’s a different girl. She actually ENJOYS maths lessons now, all because of you guys. All the arguments have stopped – she is self-motivated now!

– Claire Dilworth (Limerick City, Co. Limerick)


Breakthrough Maths Student with Exam Results

Highest Maths
Results in Limerick

Based on students from North and South Limerick in 2022

Stress-Free Online Classes

1-hour Maths grind per day. From Adare to Newcastle West, we have Maths Classes for you. 

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Limerick Maths Grinds:

We teach students from 2nd class up to 6th class. Our primary school grinds are designed to build the students’ fundamental understanding of Maths. We focus on all aspects of the curriculum including fractions, word problems, percentages, decimals, etc. One focus area is chosen each week in our tutoring plan.

Kahoot! Quizzes are used in each lesson to bring the class to life. We follow the 5th & 6th class school curriculum, building on each student’s current mathematical ability.

Book a Maths Grind

Our Junior Certificate grinds are designed to help students build confidence in their ability and to succeed in their exams. We teach all topics needed for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year classes of Junior Cycle, tutoring a new topic every 2 weeks. 

All new students complete 4 weeks of Algebra lessons before moving on to other aspects of the course. We provide key exam tips and questions before students complete their internal or state exams.

Book a Maths Grind

Our Leaving Cert grinds are designed to help students achieve the grade they need in the Leaving Cert Maths. We have designed a curriculum for 4th, 5th, and 6th year students at both ordinary and higher levels. 

Our 4th & 5th year classes complete over 70% of the LC course with us – that helps to take the pressure off when entering the 6th year. Our 6th year grinds are intensive and focused on exam questions and techniques.Book a Maths Grind

Frequently Asked Questions

For the standard, weekly grinds during the academic year, the cost is €149.00 per month. This is after the Free Trial we give all our new customers, and includes notes, worksheets, recordings, and 24/7 support.

For our Easter Course, Exam Crash Course, and Summer Course, the price may vary. Please consult our Pricing page for more information.

Maths Grinds is a very colloquial way of saying private tuition in mathematics, or in other words, extra support for students in maths outside school hours.

Students decide to get grinds for different reasons, but as a general statement, it is because they are not achieving the grades they want because they are struggling to understand and apply the skills covered in the classroom.

Maths grinds are for anyone who wants to improve their maths ability, grow their confidence and achieve their dream grades!

Our grinds are currently conducted in small groups of 7-8 students to help students learn at a pace that best suits them. We have classes for all ages, levels and abilities so that every child can get the most out of them!

Upon registration, students receive a Zoom link that they use to join their grind, where our tutors use software that allows them to draw on a virtual whiteboard, just like the classroom! 

Our tutors also run highly interactive classes so everyone is attentive and engaged. They provide questions and students submit their answers privately for review.

We provide students with notes, worksheets, recordings, and support virtually also. 

See our “How Classes Work page” for more info

Our tutors closely follow the curricula developed by the Department of Education in order to deliver grinds that will benefit children in Primary and Secondary schools across the country.

They do practice exam questions from past Leaving Cert and Junior Cycle papers to make sure students are fully prepared.

No, it’s just small groups. We make the classes engaging and track results – making it personal!