GREAT teachers live their subject.

They inspire. They radiate enthusiasm.  They take time to talk 1-1 with students. They should only be a WhatsApp message away. They update parents regularly.

They instill that love for learning Maths into students.

And they love their job.

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TJ Hegarty. Founder & CEO of Breakthrough Maths

Meet Our Maths Tutors:

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Shona O’Brien

Shona’s story is unique. Her love for Maths stems from her grandad – her first Maths teacher and her first running coach. Shona achieved a H1 in Maths in her Leaving Cert and was one of the first teachers at Breakthrough Maths. She is currently studying Engineering in UCC.

Shona is a keen runner. She has All-Ireland medals in athletics and competes in many national competitions! She brings the same drive and motivation into her classes. Every student has the ability to perform in Maths, they just need the right teacher.

Shona’s calm and structured style of teaching will help you to Break Through Maths.

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Brian O’Mahony

Brian O’Mahony took a different path to teaching Maths. Brian found Maths difficult in school. However, when studying in UCC, Brian began to see Maths clearly and began to excel. He went on to graduate with a 1st Class Econometrics master’s degree from UCC. He is currently studying a master’s degree in education in UCC.

Brian’s story is relatable. It was a tutor in UCC who inspired Brian to love Maths. It rubbed off – Brian began tutoring over 4 years ago and has a plethora of recommendations and reviews. He has a clear, concise approach to teaching. He can teach across all levels.

Brian’s holistic approach and clarity will help you to Break Through Maths.

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Anna O’Sullivan

Anna O’ Sullivan’s CV speaks for itself. The UCC engineering student has achieved a lot: 613 points in her Leaving Cert, represented Ireland in rowing and has been to the NASA space station.

Maths has opened up so many opportunities for Anna. In school, she was awarded a scholarship to visit the NASA space center in the US! Maths helped her achieve a place in Engineering in UCC, which she enjoys immensely. Finally, teaching Maths has given Anna the ability to help other students find confidence in school.

Anna's belief, knowledge and enthusiasm will help you to Break Through Maths.

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Patrick Fagan

Patrick is a 1st Class Honours graduate in Actuarial & Financial Studies from UCD. Patrick has always excelled at Maths and loves the challenge of Maths. He has tutored students at all levels in Maths.

Patrick is a former Westmeath footballer and brings a team approach into his lessons. He has a warm and encouraging style to teaching and believes every student has the potential to achieve in Maths.

Patrick’s engaging and enjoyable lessons will help you to Break Through Maths.

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Mark Walsh

Mark has been teaching primary school Maths for over 7 years. He teaches in Cork City and has developed our primary school tuition curriculum. Mark has worked across all levels in the primary school system – from special resource classes and 1 – 1 support, to his current class teacher role.

Mark’s family are steeped in running. He trains with the Leevale club in Cork. Mark is also a keen chess player. The patterns, sequences and problems involved in chess developed Mark’s love for Maths. He brings that same passion to his teaching.

Mark's all-inclusive approach will help you to Break Through Maths.

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Luke Quigley

Luke is a 2-time All-Ireland Maths champion. He has designed Maths Courses and has been teaching Maths since 4th year in school! He is currently studying Electronic Engineering in UCC, having achieved 613 points in his Leaving Cert.

Luke brings Maths to life. He studied drama for over 11 years. At one point, Luke had his sights set on becoming an actor. Fortunately, he decided that teaching Maths was his calling.

Luke has all the ability and skills to help you to Break Through Maths.

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Matthew Quigley

Matthew is a Cork Maths champion! He achieved a H1 in Maths and is currently studying Finance in UCC. Maths is in his genetics – Matthew’s mother is a Maths teacher, and his brother Luke also teaches with BreakThrough Maths.

Matthew is an expert at breaking down problems. His love for problem solving comes from his passion for chess. He has numerous awards and competitive chess trophies to his name. He translates questions into a language that students can relate to.

Matthew has the perfect problem-solving approach to help you to Break Through Maths.

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Conor O’Donoghue

Conor is 1st Class Economics and Finance graduate from UCD. He achieved a H1 in Maths and his love for Maths stemmed from his mother – also a Maths teacher. A proud Kerry man, Conor has travelled extensively across the world – from helping to build schools in Nicaragua to surfing the coasts of Spain and Portugal.

Conor loves our personal approach to teaching. Teachers should be inspirational – they should be there to help and encourage you whenever you have a problem. Conor is a born leader and gifted at listening to students.

Conor’s student-led approach will help you to BreakThrough Maths.

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Malachy is from Bantry in West Cork. He is studying Mathematical Science in UCC.

Malachy has a keen interest in Mathematics. He codes and builds websites in his spare time.  He took part in national math competitions in school.

Malachy has a dual role in Breakthrough Maths. He teaches Leaving Cert classes and he also runs SupportSapp each week.  He is quite simply a Math genius!


Malachy's deep understanding of math plays a crucial part in our team.

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Kate o'Donovan

Kate O’Donovan is from Clonakility. She achieved a H1 in Maths in her Leaving Cert and she is studying financial Maths in UCC. 

Kate coaches swimming in her local community. Each summer, you will find her coaching camps to 100’s of students. She has a natural gift for teaching!

Kate has over 4 years tutoring experience.  Her cool, calm and organized approach to teaching particularly suits students in exam years. Kate teaches Leaving Cert classes at Breakthrough Maths.

Kate breaks down complex Maths problems into easy methods for students

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Eimear Curtin

Eimear is from Limerick. She is studying her PME in secondary school teaching in Maths and Irish.

Eimear is outgoing and energetic. She is a former student leader in the UCC student union, organizing events and helping students on campus.

Eimear teaches our 5th & 6th year classes for us. She instills confidence into her students, brings energy to her classes and brings the subject to life.

Eimear's energy, teaching skill and enthusiasm are the perfect mix for her students.

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Dave McCarthy

DAVid MCCArthy

David McCarthy is from Carrigaline. He is a primary school teacher in Scoil Ursula, Blackrock in Cork.

David has worked with students all his life. He is a former student counsellor in UCC, counselling hundreds of students in his time before he returned to complete his teacher training.

David has over 8 years teaching experience and he teaches our primary school classes. He brings a calm, simple and fun approach to his classes.

David makes our primary school lessons simple, fun and easy to learn in.

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Peter Blake

Peter is the first teacher BreakThrough Maths hired. Having achieved a H1 in Maths, Peter went on to achieve a 1st Class Honours degree from UCC in Maths.

Peter has helped students of all abilities succeed in Maths.

Peter is also passionate about GAA. He won an All-Ireland Junior hurling medal with his club in 2018! Peter brings the same team-centric approach to his lessons. He is calm, organized and an expert at engaging classes.

Peter’s experience and skill will help you to Break Through Maths.

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T.J. Hegarty

T.J Hegarty is the founder of Breakthrough Maths. A 600 point student, he has been teaching Maths for almost 10 years. He has taught hundreds of students across all abilities – from pupils with Autism right through to 625 point students.

T.J was inspired to set up Breakthrough Maths because of one student. Fionn, who was a student of T.J’s for almost 6 years, proved that Maths can change lives. Despite the challenges posed by Autism, Fionn has found a love for Maths and is now entering into University to study engineering. And that was the spark.

T.J’s philosophy and system of teaching is designed to help you to Break Through Maths.

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