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"the lads found zoom Grinds so handy"

Mary Flynn (Clonakilty, Cork)


"I was nervous, but the class was so engaging!"

Anne McCarthy (Newbridge, Kildare)


"Such a difference learning in small classes"

Tina Smith (Oranmore, Galway)

About us

Artificial intelligence, virtual & augmented reality, blockchain, and other technologies will dominate the world of tomorrow. And mathematics is at the heart of all these technologies. To succeed in these areas, you need strong analytical skills and problem-solving experience. Companies in the technology sector, including Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc., are increasingly selecting candidates based on their mathematical and problem-solving skills. But what I’ve seen is that students in our country are both terrified of and bored with mathematics, and I don’t think the conventional methods of teaching mathematics can help them overcome these attitudes. In 2020, I, TJ Hegarty, together with a small group of committed and enthusiastic individuals, founded Breakthrough Maths to address this problem.

The goal of Breakthrough Maths is to help children across the country overcome their fear about mathematics. Instead of teaching kids maths the way it’s always been taught, Breakthrough Maths takes a more progressive approach, helping them develop analytical and problem-solving skills along the way. There’s a lot more to Breakthrough Maths than just courses. Our mission is to broaden our children’s views, thus we place a significant emphasis on teaching them how to define, analyze, and find solutions to complex problems. If you need help with math at any grade level, from Primary School to Leaving Cert, we are here for you.

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Build skills & confidence problem solving together as a small class.

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1-hour maths grind per day. Any device, anywhere in Ireland. 

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Trained, vetted & experienced tutors who bring Maths to life. 

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Do You Live in Galway? Here’s A Special Offer

We care about the Galway community. So if you live in Galway, you qualify for an extra 12.5% discount if 2 or more pupils sign up together. Don’t forget that the first week is free to try for all new students from Galway!

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"learning experience with a sense of fun"

“We had a great very beneficial experience with TJ and the team at Breakthrough Maths. My daughter looked forward to her maths grinds every week, a learning experience with a sense of fun too!
I would highly recommend TJ.
Thank you so much to all the team.”

Shirley Milner


"fantastic engaging teachers"

“Would highly recommend – fantastic engaging teachers. Helped my daughter in second year with algebra to catch up. ” Jody Hallahan

"very engaging and fun"

“Fantastic maths grinds both my children loved them very engaging and fun would highly recommend.” Linda Browne

our Maths Grinds In Galway Explained:

Our primary school grinds are designed to build the students’ fundamental understanding of Maths. We focus on all aspects of the curriculum including fractions, word problems, percentages, decimals, etc. One focus area is chosen each week in our tutoring plan.

Kahoot! Quizzes are used in each lesson to bring the class to life. We follow the 5th & 6th class school curriculum, building on each student’s current mathematical ability.

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Our Junior Certificate grinds are designed to help students build confidence in their ability and to succeed in their exams. We teach all topics needed for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year classes of Junior Cycle, tutoring a new topic every 2 weeks. 

All new students complete 4 weeks of Algebra lessons before moving on to other aspects of the course. We provide key exam tips and questions before students complete their internal or state exams.

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Our Leaving Cert grinds are designed to help students achieve the grade they need in the Leaving Cert Maths. We have designed a curriculum for 4th, 5th, and 6th year students at both ordinary and higher levels. 

Our 4th & 5th year classes complete over 70% of the LC course with us – that helps to take the pressure off when entering the 6th year. Our 6th year grinds are intensive and focused on exam questions and techniques.Book a Maths Grind

Our Leaving Cert grinds are designed to help students achieve the grade they need in the Leaving Cert Maths. We have designed a curriculum for 4th, 5th, and 6th year students at both ordinary and higher levels. 

Our 4th & 5th year classes complete over 70% of the LC course with us – that helps to take the pressure off when entering the 6th year. Our 6th year grinds are intensive and focused on exam questions and techniques.
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Do You Live in Galway? Here’s A Special Offer

The Galway community has always been a prior concern to us. Galway residents can save an additional 12.5% by enrolling two or more students at the same time. First week is completely free for every new student from Galway!

About Education in Galway

In the province of Connacht, between the river Lough Corrib and Galway Bay, Galway is the fourth most populous city in the Republic of Ireland as well as the county town of the County Galway. Galway is a major commercial hub on the island of Ireland due to its harbor, and it attracts visitors from all over the world.

With a population of 83,456, Galway consists of 27 primary schools and 11 secondary schools. Though the concentration of schools in Galway is not the best when compared to other cities, the good news is that the numbers are increasing. The University of Galway and Atlantic Technological University are the two university premises established in Galway. The University of Galway is famous for social science and Celtic studies, arts, public policy and law, and science and engineering as well. On the other hand, Atlantic Technological University has four schools: the School of Business, the School of Engineering, the School of Science & Computing, and the School of Arts & Tourism. Galway is such a vibrant city that few cities in the world can match it, and 20% of its residents are students, making it a student’s city.

Galway is a student’s paradise because everything is so conveniently located and the energy of this city. However, the biggest issue is the sheer number of schools, which restricts a student’s choices. The same is true of college and university life. Given this scarcity of educational opportunities, it is not uncommon for students to seek out support from organizations other than schools. Thankfully, Galway, Ireland, is not excluded from Breakthrough Maths’ reach.

Maths Become Easy With Great Tutors

KAREN GILOOLY, the winner of WiSTEM2D (Women in STEM) award, teaches in Breakthrough Maths. She was born and brought up in Galway with a naturally gifted teaching capability. Karen is currently a maths and economics student in NUIG and teaches in Breakthrough Maths with her structured and easy to understand method. Her coolness and positive attitude can be felt in her class.

Still Have Questions?

Maths grinds are an after school support to help students understand Maths and excel in their exams. ‘Grinds’ are a unique term used in Ireland. It has the same meaning as ‘tutoring’. Maths grinds can be taught by a qualified teacher or student who excelled in Maths in school. Students from primary, secondary, and third level receive grinds in Ireland.

The Maths Grinds cost €40 per week. The first week is free to try for new students. If students want to continue with grinds, parents pay for the remainder of the term via a Stripe link sent by WhatsApp. For our revision course costs, please check the course page.

Students log in to a Zoom link each week at a set time. Classes consist of a mix of teaching theory and answering exam questions. The tutor shares his/her screen, explains the theory and the group completes exam questions together. The tutor goes through these exam questions with the class, writing down the methods on his/her shared digital whiteboard. All students are engaged, participating and asking questions when needed. All lessons are recorded. Groups are kept to a maximum of 10 students per class.

Yes. We have developed a state examiner designed curriculum for each class/year. We follow as close as possible to what the students are learning in school.

No, we just teach in small groups. However, if students have issues outside of our online grinds, they can use SupportSapp (which is a dedicated WhatsApp group) to ask questions, and we’ll respond with a video on how to solve that problem.

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