The Ultimate Back To School checklist

I don’t know about you but we can’t wait to be back to school here at Breakthrough Maths! Last year was a very exciting year for us with our students achieving fantastic results and improvements. We are so proud of every single one of our students for staying focused and finding the enjoyment in maths.

All this hard work also comes from the wonderful parents/guardians of these students so from the Breakthrough Maths team we want to say thank you! To make your lives a little easier, we have put together a back-to-school checklist full of everything you need as this school year kicks off. We hope you find this helpful!

What’s included in this checklist?🤔

  1. The best study methods📜
  2. The details for the best Guidance Counsellors and Study Coaches depositphotos 15370797 stock illustration cartoon referee illustration
  3. The best apps to help boost your learning!💪
  4. The best YouTube download 2 and TikTok TikTok Logo pages to help students in school!
  5. Key Dates (Including State Exam dates and School Holidays!)📅

1. The Best Study Methods

At Breakthrough Maths we encourage all student to write down everything! That’s why why believe in the method THINK IN INK ✍️.

This means that students write out all the key parts of the notes we are taking or the questions we are doing. Why? Students are twice as likely to remember something they write down instead of just reading it.

Getting students to concentrate can be difficult. Trust us, we know! We encourage our students to use the The POMODORO Technique during our classes and when they study. It’s a way of condensing learning and it helps students to focus and get their study done. For example;

  • Choose what you want to accomplish,
  • Study with minimal distractions (like your phone) for 25 mins,
  • Then take a break for 5 minutes,
  • Repeat.

See our own guide to practical maths revision tips (that work!) and effective study plan.

2. The Best Guidance Counsellors

1. Helen Dillon helps teenagers and young adults to figure out their careers!

I bring them through a process of discovering their talents, skills and passions, what their dreams and ambitions are. Using this self awareness and knowledge I assist them to make informed decisions about their future. I show them the various pathways to achieving their career goals through university study, apprenticeships or further education courses.

Helen Dillon, Your Path Helen Jun 2022 Reduced rotated 1

768px LinkedIn logo initials LinkedIn: Your Path

logoTwitter: Your Path

2. Anne Mangan helps your child select the right CAO choice for them! Anne provides one to one programmes for 5th and 6th years, online or in person. She helps students to fill out their CAO and come up with a Plan B.

Taking Confusion Out Of Course & Career Choices for School Leavers.
Step-by-step programmes designed to give clarity and confidence in making informed course decisions, and avoiding costly mistakes.

Anne Mangan, Teen Career IMG 0575

768px LinkedIn logo initials LinkedIn: Anne Mangan, Teen Career

3. The Best Apps to Boost Your Learning!

  • Studyclix (Exam Questions, Solutions, Quizzes, Videos and Advice Section)
  • 138a9f81f8c706b14849dce0e81b585e icon Pocket Papers (Exam Papers, Questions, Solutions and Log Tables)
  • Kahoot logo6 Kahoot (Interactive Quizzes!)
  • icon Forest (Helps you stay focused)
  • download 1 Quizlet (Create your own Flashcards!)

4. The best Youtube & TikTok pages to help you for back to school!

download 2 YOUTUBE:

TikTok Logo TIKTOK:

  • 625 Points: Great little questions for all things Leaving Cert
  • Ardan Languages – Great Irish and French notes for Leaving Cert and Junior Cert
  • Studyclix – Great videos with tips for all subjects, Leaving Cert or Junior Cert

5. Key Dates for BACK TO SCHOOL

The best way to take control of your year is to plan plan plan! Below we have all the back to school key dates to keep students on their toes, calm and most importantly prepared. Feel free to take a screenshot or even print them out and hang them up near your study area! At Breakthrough Maths we care about our students preparedness😉

  • October Mid-Term – Mon 31st Oct – Fri 4th Nov
  • Christmas 2022 – Wed 21st Dec – Thursday 5th Jan
dec 1
  • February 2023 mid-term break

Primary Schools: Thu 16th Feb – Fri 17th Feb

Post-Primary Schools: Mon 13th Feb – Friday 17th Feb

  • Easter 2023 – Fri 31st March 2023 – Mon 17th April 202


Both commencing on Wednesday the 7th of June 2023. (Timetables to be released in early Spring 2023)

And that’s it! Are you feeling prepared? We hope you are! Best of luck for the year ahead!😉If you have an questions about our online classes don’t hesitate to contact us @ or 0872020389 🧮

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TJ & The BTM team 😊

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