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Summer Catch-Up Structure

Our Summer Catch-Up Course is a 6-Week Program consisting of 1 Maths Grind per week. The course is taught by Colm Murphy. Colm received 608 points in his Leaving Cert, has 3 years of tutoring experience and achieved a 1st class honors maths degree in UCC. 

This summer catch-up simplifies each topic, help you practice only exam questions, and make sure each student is engaged and actively learning during the class. Our syllabus is designed by state examiners, covering the most important topics on the student’s course. This is the perfect way to get ahead of the school term before September!


Why People choose Us


“I did six weeks of tutorials and found them brilliant. Great online setup and friendly patient tutors gave me so much more confidence in her maths - Ruth”
“I started these online maths grinds in December of my Leaving Cert year, I was struggling with higher-level maths. The expert tutors helped me to no end"- Colm
“Really great service, small size weekly classes with helpful notes + assignments, as well as an help line where students can contact if we get stuck"- Regina

Course Details

  • 1 grind a week for 6-weeks
  • If you on holiday – log on from your phone or watch a recording
  • Fundamentals of Maths covered.
  • 5-6 students per group
  • Free Trial Grind – pay for the remaining 3 weeks after
  • The recordings are sent to all participants

Colm Murphy

Colm is one of our most experienced teachers. He has designed Maths Courses and has been teaching Maths since 4th year in school! She is currently studying Maths in UCC, on course for a 1:1 degree, having achieved 608 points in his Leaving Cert.

Colm brings Maths to life. He has over 5 years teaching experience and brings an infectious energy to her grinds.

Colm Has All The Ability And Skills To Help You To Breakthrough Maths.

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What we Cover:

Primary School Catch-Up

We are going to make your child really enjoy Maths again. The most important thing for primary school students is to understand Maths and enjoy practicing it. Over the 4 weeks, we will cover:

  • Adding/Subtracting.
  • Multiplying/Dividing
  • Fractions
  • Percentages

1st Year Catch-Up

For students heading into 1st Year, the transition can be scary. On this course, we will make that transition easy. We will ensure students are comfortable with Maths firstly. We will then begin to practice on entrace tests used by schools across the country for incoming 1st years. We will take the fear out of Maths for the students and make up for any gaps in knowledge.

2nd Year Catch-up

The jump in the difficulty of Maths from 1st to 2nd year can cause real issues for students. Students can often end up lost within the first few weeks 2nd year. The most important thing to understand as you enter into 2nd year is Algebra. On this 8-week course, we will ensure our students have that Algebra base as they enter into 2nd year. They will be comfortable with ‘x’ and comfortable solving equations. That will be the boost they need as they enter into 2nd year.

3rd Year Catch-Up

The pressure can often come onto to 3rd year students when school resumes in September. They can often feel overwhelmed as they face back into all those topics. It can be hard to manage. On this course, we will take all that pain away. We will cover:

  • Algebra
  • Functions
  • Co-ordinate Geomtery
  • Trigonometry

4th/5th Year Catch-Up

Maths is the most important subject at Senior Level – it’s got 25 extra bonus points and it needs extra time, it needs extra effort. So, why not get a headstart? Why not hit the ground running after doing our 8-week summer catch-up. We will cover Algebra over 8 weeks. It’s by far and away the most imporntant topic for 5th years to cover. You will be ahead of your class when you return in September.

6th Year Catch-Up

It’s your final year and you’ve got to give it 100% for the last year. Start with a bang and get ahead of the curve with our summer catch-up. On this 4-week course, we will cover:

  • Algebra
  • Logs
  • Functions
  • Differentiation
  • The Line
  • The Circle.

That will accoint for over 50% of your exams next June – the perfect start!

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