Primary School Easter Revision Course

Comprehensive Primary School Maths Revision

Our 4 Day Easter revision course is the perfect way to restore a primary school student’s confidence with Maths. For 1 hour each day, we will break down the 4 most important parts of the primary school syllabus and make them simple to understand. 

We simplify each topic, help you practice Drumcondra style questions, and make sure each student is engaged and actively learning each day. Our syllabus is designed by primary school teachers, covering the 4 most important topics on the student’s course. We will get the fundamentals right and make it all so easy and clear for our students.

Course Details

  • 4-day course beginning on the 19th of April
  • 1-hour Maths class each day 
  • Comprehensive Maths notes based on previous questions
  • All classes via Zoom
  • Day 1 is free to try! It’s €189 if you would like to continue

Course Outline

Day 1 - Multiplying & Division

Multiplying & Dividing are the foundations of Maths. They are the building blocks for a student in Maths. On day 1, we will cover: 

  • Simple and Long Multiplication
  • Multiplication word problems
  • Simple and Long Division
  • Division word problems.

Day 2- Fractions & Percentages

Understanding Fractions & Percentages is a difficult topic for students to understand. We will simplify these areas for our students. On day 2, we will cover:

  • Moving between Fractions & Percentages 
  • Finding % of a number.
  • Adding & Subtracting Fractions
  • Equivalent Fractions

Day 3 - Math Word Problems

Time & time again, primary school students find it difficult to apply their Maths understanding to problems involving words. We will help students to do this with a simplified method of answering word problems. On day 3, we will cover:

  • Our Simple Method of Answering Word Problems.
  • Word Problems involving Fractions
  • Word Problems involving Percentages.
  • 2 Step Word problems.

Day 4 - Recap & Test

On our final day, we will instill the week’s learnings into our students. We will recap on each topic revised throughout the week, using short test style questions to challenge our students. On the day we will cover:

  • Recap on Multiplying & Dividing 
  • Recap on Fractions  Percentages.
  • Recap on Word Problems.
  • End of Week Test.

Meet Your Tutor:

Paddy White

Conor O’Donoghue

Conor is 1st Class Economics and Finance graduate from UCD. He achieved a H1 in Maths and his love for Maths stemmed from his mother – also a Maths teacher. A proud Kerry man, Conor has travelled extensively across the world – from helping to build schools in Nicaragua to surfing the coasts of Spain and Portugal.

Conor loves our personal approach to teaching. Teachers should be inspirational – they should be there to help and encourage you whenever you have a problem. Conor is a born leader and gifted at listening to students.

Conor’s student-led approach will help you to BreakThrough Maths.

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Lorraine Drumm Headshot

Jennifer hanafin

Jennifer is a 1st Class  Finance graduate from UCC. She achieved a H1 in Maths and is heading to London to go investment banking in September. Also a proud Kerry native, Jennifer is big into ladies football and has played at the highest levels.

Jennifer has worked with us for over 2 years now. We are lucky to have her.

Conor’s student-led approach will help you to BreakThrough Maths.

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Why do our maths easter course?


Easy to learn It’s 1 hour of Maths a day, all from the comfort of your home. Don’t waste time in traffic or organizing spins from your parents, we make this easy for you!


Most Important Topics – The course is broken into 1 hour of lessons over 4 days. We teach the 4 most important topics you need to ace your tests this summer. It’s the perfect catch-up!


Comprehensive Notes – We’ve designed notes, based on previous exam questions, for all our students on this course. They are concise, clear and perfect for studying.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 210 reviews on Google Reviews


"More Confidence"

“I hated our 5th & 6th Class Maths tests. I couldn’t understand the questions and It made no sense. I did the Easter course in 2022 and It really helped. Conor helped me to understand how to answer questions. My test scores are so much better now! I’ve carried all the knowledge through to 1st year. I have more confidence now in my Maths ability.”

Ava O’Callaghan


"So Much easier"

“I completed the Easter course in 2022. I was struggling with our 6th class tests and I was worried about going into secondary school. the course was so much fun and made Maths so much easier. I loved the Kahoot! tests each day and it made it challenging. I won student of the week also!”

Lydia Byrne


"Simple To Use"

Really great service, comprehensive small size weekly classes with helpful notes and assignments, as well as an assistance line where students can contact if they get stuck. Simple to use”

Regina Herley

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Still Have Questions?

What happens after the Free trial?

We will contact you after the free class with payment details for the rest of the week.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up now, for a free trial of the Easter Course, which begins on Tuesday the 11th of April on our website.

How much is the Easter Course?

Day 1 (Tuesday the 11th) is completely free to try. It is €189 thereafter if students would like to continue with the revision course.

How many students are in the class?

The class sizes will be limited to 8 students per group. All students will be engaged and asking questions in the classes.

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