Leaving Cert Maths formula and log tables

Link to Maths Formulas & Tables: https://www.examinations.ie/misc-doc/BI-EX-7266997.pdf

Indices and logarithms 1.0

aAKpxHpIqsoml XzqTo EwVmXtZAnJuQwdYMWj9sH0D63pbCkDkVDbf6xw SY55etd2CKc1t4t n8 nKtChz OZ

Calculus 2.0

Kl8jOyEBCdoROFZC9UOqO0ady3hVycQhU5GTKifCQ3Q zqWbB8wAybGI2zCOcjsU6PkbwUeWn7j1wIlKz QkTPubfHEG56jlvdy5eQWMJbgFZIH0SjBSP2rWvUdTuLMvqI2E m0Vkk52GJFHWses7V4

Hypothesis testing 3.0

Hh9XYPf73zOHbV2kfd qMGRDVRTBOp43C2UW6sC2S5JQXkVJ1EN9OFI17VwkJ KOMwKkqzzoLpRFfx5MoWxnzrauKIiNVA518dok80wPTqFxubZbGVyHVs2aG4nONKD7X62GwRtipqsgf WtaggnTEU

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