Leaving Cert Easter Revision Courses

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Comprehensive Revision

Our 4 Day Leaving Cert Maths Easter Revision Course is the booster you need to ace your upcoming school or state exams. For 1 hour each day, we will break down the 4 most important parts of the syllabus and make it easy. 

We simplify each topic, help you practice only exam questions, and make sure each student is engaged and actively learning each day. Our syllabus for leaving cert maths revision course is designed by state examiners, covering the 4 most important topics on the student’s course. Easter is the perfect time to revise!

Course Details

  • 4-day course beginning on the 11th of April
  • 1-hour Maths class each day 
  • Comprehensive Maths notes based on previous questions
  • All classes via Zoom
  • Day 1 is free to try! It’s €189 if you would like to continue

Revision Course Outline

Day 1 - Algebra

Algebra counts for about 25% of the Leaving Cert Maths Exam. It is the foundation of Maths. On day 1, we will cover: 

  • Algebraic Fractions
  • Cubic Equations
  • Inequalities
  • Roots & Factors 
  • Logarithms (Higher Level only)

Day 2- Calculus

Differentiation forms the cornerstone of paper 1 on both the higher and ordinary level courses. On day 2, we will cover:

  • How to differentiate
  • Max/Min problems
  • Differentiating logs
  • Differentiating sin/cos/tan
  • Differentiating from 1st principles (Higher Level)

Day 3 - The Circle & Line

Coordinate Geometry forms about 20% of paper 2 in the Leaving Cert. With knowledge of the key concepts of Coordinate geometry, a student can achieve high marks on this topic. On day 3, we will cover:

  • The Line problems
  • Area of triangle 
  • Basics of the circle
  • Circle word problems
  • Working with tangents

Day 4 - Trigonometry

Trigonometry is examined in paper 2 in the Leaving Cert. It accounts for around 15% of the given marks in paper 2 and can come up in the short or long questions in the paper. On day 4, we will cover:

  • Applications of Pythagoras theorem
  • Applying the Sine rule
  • Cosine Rule
  • Complex word questions
  • Trigonometric Identities (Higher Level only)

Meet Your Maths Revision Course Tutors

Connor white

Conor O’Donoghue

Conor is 1st Class Economics and Finance graduate from UCD. He achieved a H1 in Maths and his love for Maths stemmed from his mother – also a Maths teacher. A proud Kerry man, Conor has travelled extensively across the world – from helping to build schools in Nicaragua to surfing the coasts of Spain and Portugal.

Conor loves our personal approach to teaching. Teachers should be inspirational – they should be there to help and encourage you whenever you have a problem. Conor is a born leader and gifted at listening to students.

Conor’s student-led approach will help you to BreakThrough Maths.

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Kate scaled e1645881948125

Kate o'Donovan

Kate O’Donovan is from Clonakility. She achieved a H1 in Maths in her Leaving Cert and she is studying financial Maths in UCC. 

Kate coaches swimming in her local community. Each summer, you will find her coaching camps to 100’s of students. She has a natural gift for teaching!

Kate has over 4 years tutoring experience.  Her cool, calm and organized approach to teaching particularly suits students in exam years. Kate teaches Leaving Cert classes at Breakthrough Maths.

Kate breaks down complex Maths problems into easy methods for students

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Why do our Easter course?


Easy to learn It’s 1 hour of Maths a day, all from the comfort of your home. Don’t waste time in traffic or organizing spins from your parents, we make this easy for you!


Most Important Topics – The course is broken into 1 hour of lessons over 4 days. We teach the 4 most important topics you need to ace your tests this summer. It’s the perfect catch-up!


Comprehensive Notes – We’ve designed notes, based on previous exam questions, for all our students on this course. They are concise, clear and perfect for studying.

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"More Confidence"

“I did six weeks of grinds and found them brilliant. Great online setup and friendly patient tutors gave me so much more confidence in her maths”

Ruth Dillon

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"Easy to Talk to"

“I started these online maths grinds in December of my Leaving Certificate year when I was struggling with higher-level maths. The expert tutors helped me to no end, and aided me in getting the grades I needed in maths which allowed me to get the college course I wanted. I would highly recommend these maths grinds as the teachers are all very skilled and easy to talk to if any problems arise”

Colm Murphy


"Simple To Use"

Really great service, comprehensive small size weekly classes with helpful notes and assignments, as well as an assistance line where students can contact if they get stuck. Simple to use”

Regina Herley

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Still Have Questions?

What happens after the Free trial?

We will contact you after the free class with payment details for the rest of the week.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up now, for a free trial of the Easter Course, which begins on Tuesday the 11th of April on our website.

How much is the Easter Course?

Day 1 (Tuesday the 11th) is completely free to try. It is €189 thereafter if students would like to continue with the revision course.

How many students are in the class?

The class sizes will be limited to 10 students per group. All students will be engaged and asking questions in the classes.