Junior Certificate Timetable 2022 [Simplified]

junior cert timetable 2022

Due to the worldwide pandemic, the Junior Certificate examination was cancelled for two years, but it’s finally back for 2022! On 9 February 2022, The State Examinations Commission released the official Junior Cert Timetable 2022. 

There are significant changes to the Junior Cert syllabus and the scheduling of the examinations this year. According to the schedule, this year’s Junior Cert will begin on Wednesday, June 8 and run until Monday, June 20. The exam will begin with English and end with Graphics.

Junior Cert Timetable 2022

The Junior Cert timetable for 2022 is given below, along with a PDF version!


  • Candidates must be in attendance at least half an hour before the examination begins in the subject in which they first present themselves.
  • The start time for all Junior Cycle afternoon examinations is 1.30 pm.

Here’s the Junior Cert Timetable for 2022:

junior cert timetable 2022
JC Timetable 2022

If you want to print it out and keep a hard copy, then download the PDF file here:

Prepare For the Junior Cert Exam 2022

Acing a good grade in the Junior Cert examination can be quite tough, especially in maths! That’s why here at Breakthrough Maths, we have created some Easter maths revision courses for Junior Cert, which can be greatly beneficial for you or your child!

Our Junior Cert Maths Easter course:

  • A 4-day course beginning on the 19th of April
  • Each class is 1 hour a day
  • Comprehensive maths notes are provided based on previous year’s questions
  • Classes are all online
  • The first class is FREE if you use this link, and €149 for the rest of the course (only if you continue)

Each day of class covers:

  1. Day 1: Algebra
  2. Day 2: Functions
  3. Day 3: Co-Ordinate Geometry
  4. Day 4: Trigonometry

Each class contains at most 6 students, and we have a limited number of classes! So choose your class now before it’s sold out!


As the Junior Cert exams are knocking at our doors, each candidate should note carefully the dates and hours following this official timetable. They should also double-check the latest adjustments in the Junior Cert grading system for 2022.

And finally, take a deep breath and relax. Get proper rest before the exams and believe in yourself.

Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions About JC Timetable

1. When Does The Junior Cert Start 2022?

The Junior Cert 2022 exam will start on Wednesday, June 8th, according to the State Examinations Commission’s official timetable that was released on 9th February 2022. The exam will begin with English. The JC exam is going ahead for the first time in two years due to the Corona pandemic.

2. Junior Cert 2022 End Date?

According to the State Examinations Commission’s official timetable for the Junior Certificate 2022, the exam will end on Monday, June 20. The exam will end with Graphics.

3. Can you fail the Junior Cert?

It is impossible to fail Junior Cycle in its entirety: regardless of their grades, all students continue on to the next year of schooling; nevertheless, most institutions would not allow a student to take a Leaving Cert topic at Higher Level if they did not obtain at least a Merit grade in Junior Cycle.

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