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Grinds In Ireland

What Are Grinds?

Grinds in Ireland are a unique term for private tuition. Students receive grinds in all subjects at all levels. More and more, students are using online grinds, since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Local grinds are often given by local teachers and students across Ireland.

Ireland has a unique ‘grinds culture’. Many private schools in Dublin are dedicated to after school grinds. These schools often charge quite high fees. New online services are disrupting the traditional grinds culture with online, stress-free grinds.

How Much Are Grinds?

Grinds can range in cost from €25/hour for group grinds up to €100/hour for individual grinds. The median cost of grinds works out as €40 per hour. In Dublin, parents can expect to pay more for grinds.

Are 1-1 grinds better than group grinds’?

The research is very limited on whether 1-1 grinds are better than group grinds. It often depends on the student. Some students learn better in 1-1 scenarios; other students learn better in groups. It depends on the student and their capabilities.

Benefits of Grinds

  • Up to a 13% grade increase after 10 hours
  • Confidence Boost
  • Guide students on Exam technique

Weekly Grinds

➡️ Try A Free Trial Grind first.

➡️  €149 a month if you would like to continue after trial grind.

Each Month You’ll Receive:

✅ 4 Online Classes 

✅ A 625 Point Tutor (Our tutors received top marks)

✅  24/7 On-Demand Support 

✅  The Class Notes 

✅  The Recorded Lessons 

Book A Free Trial Grind

€149 a month to continue after trial.

Breakthrough Maths Grinds - Difference

Founded in 2020, our Maths Grinds are changing the game.

Students love Our Grinds

✅Small Classes
✅Slower pace
✅All Online – so convenient.
✅A fun, engaging, young teacher.

Grinds Pricing

The Course costs €240 for 6 weeks.

Week 1 is free to try.  Sign up, check out the first week of lessons and see if we would like to continue. If you don’t want to continue, you will not be charged.