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Weekly Grinds

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A Better Way To Learn Maths

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Do You Live in Dundrum? Here’s A Special Offer

For any families in Dundrum we have an extra 12.5% discount if 2 or more pupils sign up together. Don’t forget that the first week is free to try for all new students from Dundrum!

Dundrum Maths Grinds near you:

1. Primary School Grinds in Dundrum

Our primary school grinds are designed to build the students’ fundamental understanding of Maths. We focus on all aspects of the curriculum including fractions, word problems, percentages, decimals, etc. One focus area is chosen each week in our tutoring plan.

Kahoot! Quizzes are used in each lesson to bring the class to life. We follow the 5th & 6th class school curriculum, building on each student’s current mathematical ability.

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2. Junior Cert Grinds in Dundrum

Our Junior Certificate grinds are designed to help students build confidence in their ability and to succeed in their exams. We teach all topics needed for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year classes of Junior Cycle, tutoring a new topic every 2 weeks. 

All new students complete 4 weeks of Algebra lessons before moving on to other aspects of the course. We provide key exam tips and questions before students complete their internal or state exams.

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3. Leaving Cert Grinds in Dundrum

Our Leaving Cert grinds are designed to help students achieve the grade they need in the Leaving Cert Maths. We have designed a curriculum for 4th, 5th, and 6th year students at both ordinary and higher levels. 

Our 4th & 5th year classes complete over 70% of the LC course with us – that helps to take the pressure off when entering the 6th year. Our 6th year grinds are intensive and focused on exam questions and techniques.Book a Maths Grind

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Still Have Questions?

Maths grinds are an after school support to help students understand Maths and excel in their exams. ‘Grinds’ are a unique term used in Ireland. It has the same meaning as ‘tutoring’. Maths grinds can be taught by a qualified teacher or student who excelled in Maths in school. Students from primary, secondary, and third level receive grinds in Ireland.

The Maths Grinds cost €38 per week. The first week is free to try for new students. If students want to continue with grinds, parents pay for the remainder of the term via a Stripe link sent by WhatsApp. For our revision course costs, please check the course page.

Students log in to a Zoom link each week at a set time. Classes consist of a mix of teaching theory and answering exam questions. The tutor shares his/her screen, explains the theory and the group completes exam questions together. The tutor goes through these exam questions with the class, writing down the methods on his/her shared digital whiteboard. All students are engaged, participating and asking questions when needed. All lessons are recorded. Groups are kept to a maximum of 10 students per class.

Yes. We have developed a state examiner designed curriculum for each class/year. We follow as close as possible to what the students are learning in school.

No, we just teach in small groups. However, if students have issues outside of our online grinds, they can use SupportSapp (which is a dedicated WhatsApp group) to ask questions, and we’ll respond with a video on how to solve that problem.