Patrick teaches with energy & enthusiasm. Medium paced class.

How Our Grinds Work:

  • 1 Hour Maths Grinds each week
  • All students given access to Support Sapp (Where we answer any questions outside of our grinds, by sending back a video on how to do it – Genius!)
  • Comprehensive Maths notes, based on previous questions, sent to students each week.
  • All classes via Zoom
  • Each tutor has  2+ years experience tutoring, is Garda vetted and trained by a state examiner.
  • The first Maths Grind is FREE to try! It’s €40 for the week, thereafter, if they would like to continue.
  • Payment details sent via WhatsApp after the first class.

Availability: Classes Available

More Information 👇

Our Maths Grinds are the support you need to ace your upcoming school or state exams. In our weekly grinds, we will break down the most important parts of the syllabus and make it easy for you.

We simplify each topic, help you practice only exam questions, and make sure each student is engaged and actively learning in each grind. Our syllabus is designed by state examiners, covering the most important topics on the student’s course. On average our students grades increase by 13% after 10 -12 weeks of Maths Grinds with us.

Why Our Maths Grinds are the Perfect Support

  1. Easy to learn – It’s 1 hour Maths Grind per week, all from the comfort of your home. Don’t waste time in traffic or organizing spins from your parents, we make this easy for you! 
  2. Simplify the Most Important TopicsOur experienced tutors breakdown the topics into condensed notes and methods. We teach the most important topics you need to ace your tests this summer. It’s the perfect way to understand Maths.
  3. Comprehensive NotesWe’ve designed notes, based on previous exam questions, for all our students in our Grinds. They are concise, clear and perfect for studying.